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Priya Mistry WWWTBM Artist
Priya Mistry WWWTBM Artist -whatsthebigmistry
Priya Mistry, MMHC Shape Shifting 02 Workshop Photo DWC
Priya Mistry Invisible Things. Photo DWC
Priya Mistry March O, Fierce Festival. Photo David Dhonau
Priya Mistry, Power Pants
Priya Mistry Meeting People-Easy, public intervention
Priya Mistry,

whatsthebigmistry’s work straddles visual art, dance, theatre, and live art. Collaboration, exchange and critical dialogue are central to her participatory based work. She cultivates high quality experiences for the people she works with that inspire, provoke thought, animate spaces and people and generate creative responses. She currently works with theatres, galleries, festivals, and creative organisations as well as in community and education settings

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